It’s really embarrassing to express the pain in terms of scarifying the future of our ward because of the bad educational system & treatment kept by many educational societies. Now many of these are only becoming a money-making institution rather than making the future of Students for this competitive market. Although some institutes are very good and customer-centric to get the boys came out to get results but very few.

Our ward’s School life is really healthy and growing very fast with multi-level skilling i.e. Sports, Competitive Studies, Science Projects, Art with Crafting, Music, Site Tours, etc., etc. Here I am pointing out the site where our wards are shaping for this competitive market with multi-skilling techniques, but after schooling, it’s really a mess to choose the field of interest and being parents we again doing a big mistake in moving (our ward) to our prospective zone, in this zone might or might not be our ward’s interest.

Being Parents we always think about the benefits of our child but with our perceptions and experiences without realizing today’s market demands & growth chart w.r.t. fields of interest. Because of the fear factor in lieu of his future, we easily misguided by advertisements and slogans coming in papers or roadside boards. We need to think again professionally that we are leaving in a very competitive and fame-building era, so need to more cautious & be professional before making such decision for the future education of our wards. In my point of view before making such decision, we should take below level concerns before moving ahead:-

  1. The interest of your Child
    • In children’s minds, it varies from time to time from 9th level, but in 11th & 12th it’s clearly shown by the child’s interest in performing areas in school, so we need to take a very close watch on these.
    • Also, take a one-to-one call for their own performing area of interest with showing the future road map.
  2. Consult with their past teachers for his future field
    • Teachers know far better than us about our child’s field of interest.
    • They are those who interact with our ward very closely.
    • Behaviour aspects are very well known by them.
    • These are those mentor, who gives advice neutral
  3. Always take peer or colleagues concern in these decisions
    • Multi-Professionals will give good analytics of market scenario
    • Many are already gone through these experiences so they give experienced advice
    • Our Peer and colleagues are in a multi-age group so good analytics will come out
  4. Search about that Right Coaching Institute for making competitive
    • Without meeting with the faculty no need to admit wards
    • Know their attendance, results, exams, and alert system for parents notifications
    • Know about the access towards faculties during the course.
    • Unprofessional start-ups are coming very fast for making money due to crowd coaching demand, as being a parent there is always a fear factor about child’s future, so need to be very cousins to see these.
    • Could not believe in dealing staff or front desk staff, as these are for sales only.
    • Don’t see the top-notch results gainer sheet, go through the percentage of pass-out out of 1000.
    • Above pass-out data must be w.r.t. selected branch of coaching centre, not overall of the franchisor, as these coaching centres are on a franchise basis and affiliated franchisor will not take any responsibility in the worst scenario or pass on to Centre only.
    • We need to take record notes from time to time from these Centres and need to keep them.
    • Need to be very concise about disbursement of money as course fee, it should be in installments up to the course duration. Else as the full money went to them, then their target is fulfilled and they will not worry about your’s ward growth chart. Also, most of the franchisor is less concerned about these issues after assigning franchises, so they make Centre responsible for all the matters & these Centres are doing monopoly.
    • So from the above points, we have to take our own responsibility to track our child growth chart with them. In worst conditions, as most of the parents don’t want to go forward to take action against them to avoid spoiling time. And because of this, these Centres are less worried or say not bothered. Although in past many parents take their money in return as revenge in lieu of services through the court by proper channels with valid proofs.
  5. Choose the right college without seeking your own feasibility of control
    • Please see all trends and growth charts of college, it’s available online.
    • Take feedback from their teachers, our peers, and from our colleagues for colleges
    • Try to take admission at least in Tier-I or Tier-II colleges else see the best of college in Tier-III but below this level, it is very difficult to move further for the bright future of your ward.
    • If your goal is taking a good JOB then must see the placement rating branch-wise for the respective college and these all are also available online on many websites.
    • Location doesn’t matter if all are in line with the requirements
    • Extracurricular activities are very important for your ward so must take check these facilities in those institutes before moving ahead.
    • If possible meet the faculty before taking admission
  6. Al last, we must see our pocket strength, as these good colleges might be expensive so we should be ready for those expenses and also need to take concern of recurring expenses which will be coming in the shape of these extracurricular activities.

All the above steps are very useful to know about today’s demand & growing market. Although your child only faces these market trends, as a first mentor our prime duties to guide well to be in these good zones.

After admission, during the course, we need to discuss our child’s progress with the institute related to the study-related feedback. Even though regular phone calls will help to know the situation at least. My request is to talk to the faculties and need to meet with them or any senior person in the institute timely. Also, take suggestions timely instead of talking them for the benefit of rank improvements semester-wise.

Al last I would like to say only that please be aware of fraud or famed Centres who will spoil your child’s future. By knowing little things we must acknowledge the miss which might change the perspective of a child’s growing future.

Dear All readers, please support each other as well as save people from any fudge by spreading this message to more peoples as much as possible.

*All above are generic suggestions & no connection with any particular college directly but based on my past experience as well as talked with many suffered people who came across relevant cases.

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